Top Etsy Sellers Ireland

On this page is the updated list of top Etsy sellers in Ireland. This comprehensive overview showcases a vibrant mix of shops across a wide range of categories, including Craft Supplies & Tools, Art & Collectibles, Home & Living, Weddings, and more. Whether you're an established Etsy seller seeking inspiration, a new seller exploring potential niches, or a customer in search of unique Irish products, this list is an invaluable resource. It offers insights into the types of products that are currently thriving on Etsy in Ireland, providing a snapshot of consumer preferences and successful seller strategies within the Irish marketplace. Keep this page bookmarked to stay informed about the latest trends and top performers on Etsy in Ireland.

Updated Date: May 27, 2024
RankShop NameCategoryMonthly SalesCountry
1 StickyPatchess Art & Collectibles 947 Ireland
2 ClipArtCharmStore Craft Supplies & Tools 878 Ireland
3 PsychicAliceLove Home & Living 672 Ireland
4 IncomeBabes Paper & Party Supplies 641 Ireland
5 DexPixel Art & Collectibles 620 Ireland
6 JewelleryJKW Jewelry 404 Ireland
7 iSucculent Home & Living 391 Ireland
8 BridalStar Jewelry 344 Ireland
9 CELTICFUSIONDESIGN Clothing 333 Ireland
10 TheProductiveCompany Paper & Party Supplies 326 Ireland
11 ClassicMetalSigns Home & Living 309 Ireland
12 WallBuddy Art & Collectibles 298 Ireland
13 creawithgaby Paper & Party Supplies 290 Ireland
14 KarmaPatch Accessories 262 Ireland
15 GrandandLovelyPrints Art & Collectibles 223 Ireland
16 StacyStyleGifts Books, Movies & Music 201 Ireland
17 ThePatchHub Accessories 201 Ireland
18 AnnasLeaf Home & Living 197 Ireland
19 SendingWavesShop Paper & Party Supplies 193 Ireland
20 IrishTweedStore Accessories 193 Ireland
21 PartyDecalShop Paper & Party Supplies 183 Ireland
22 LadyTemptress Home & Living 182 Ireland
23 TheJerryCanCompany Home & Living 179 Ireland
24 CosmeticPigments Craft Supplies & Tools 178 Ireland
25 DigiEyeArt Craft Supplies & Tools 174 Ireland
26 SonnetandFable Books, Movies & Music 174 Ireland
27 OhCraftyDesigns Craft Supplies & Tools 172 Ireland
28 CosyPatterns Craft Supplies & Tools 170 Ireland
29 CreateAnameArt Art & Collectibles 163 Ireland
30 bleubri Art & Collectibles 157 Ireland
31 HeronlakeBespoke Paper & Party Supplies 153 Ireland
32 AnnieDesign Craft Supplies & Tools 153 Ireland
33 BensSigns Home & Living 151 Ireland
34 DecaModa Home & Living 149 Ireland
35 SeiraDesignStudio Art & Collectibles 145 Ireland
36 DanielleLDesign Craft Supplies & Tools 144 Ireland
37 GemmasDigitalCorner Art & Collectibles 141 Ireland
38 VaperHolster Art & Collectibles 140 Ireland
39 AvondalePatterns Craft Supplies & Tools 140 Ireland
40 LuckyStoneGift Jewelry 137 Ireland
41 14MileClassics Clothing 128 Ireland
42 ArtbyLimbo Toys & Games 125 Ireland
43 LoveYi Jewelry 122 Ireland
44 ChungiLand Books, Movies & Music 121 Ireland
45 SweetSoireePrints Paper & Party Supplies 120 Ireland
46 Myth0logicShop Craft Supplies & Tools 118 Ireland
47 BalticAmberSOS Jewelry 114 Ireland
48 TheCreativeMill Craft Supplies & Tools 114 Ireland
49 VGDesignsIE Weddings 109 Ireland
50 PufferJacketRepair Accessories 108 Ireland
51 ArtwoodIreland Home & Living 108 Ireland
52 CelestialMiniatures Toys & Games 107 Ireland
53 TracyMcMaker Paper & Party Supplies 103 Ireland
54 ClaireKellyArtPrints Paper & Party Supplies 103 Ireland
55 Koralic Books, Movies & Music 97 Ireland
56 McgrafixDigitalArt Craft Supplies & Tools 95 Ireland
57 PrintOutPartyGames Paper & Party Supplies 93 Ireland
58 Dublinbaycrochet Craft Supplies & Tools 92 Ireland
59 PrintEraPrints Art & Collectibles 88 Ireland
60 Wildmeadowstore Paper & Party Supplies 87 Ireland
61 KRCustomDesignDecals Paper & Party Supplies 87 Ireland
62 LambLittleShop Art & Collectibles 87 Ireland
63 KolibriBeadSupplies Craft Supplies & Tools 86 Ireland
64 TandiArt Craft Supplies & Tools 85 Ireland
65 elevencornersWallArt Paper & Party Supplies 83 Ireland
66 PreciousAmber Jewelry 83 Ireland
67 FanZoneSigns Home & Living 81 Ireland
68 PeaceloveIE Jewelry 80 Ireland
69 AndCustomPrints Paper & Party Supplies 80 Ireland
70 MullanLighting Home & Living 80 Ireland
71 GiftsofIrelandCrafts Home & Living 79 Ireland
72 BitsofNoodles Paper & Party Supplies 78 Ireland
73 CreatePrint Art & Collectibles 73 Ireland
74 TasminBassettArt Craft Supplies & Tools 72 Ireland
75 Marifu6aStore Craft Supplies & Tools 71 Ireland
76 SGLaserShop Weddings 71 Ireland
77 SAYYESSelfCare Books, Movies & Music 70 Ireland
78 CONNEMARASHOP Jewelry 70 Ireland
79 LoyalFamiliarArts Clothing 67 Ireland
80 TheSacredArtBoutique Art & Collectibles 66 Ireland
81 IrishPlants Home & Living 65 Ireland
82 HeirloomSealsCo Craft Supplies & Tools 64 Ireland
83 TeeAtelier Clothing 63 Ireland
84 ARTISTMEWS Art & Collectibles 61 Ireland
85 swatchoclock Jewelry 61 Ireland
86 TheCardSuite Paper & Party Supplies 61 Ireland
87 TRAPDOG Paper & Party Supplies 59 Ireland
88 AbiandClay Jewelry 59 Ireland
89 FoxfordJewellery Jewelry 59 Ireland
90 HollyGroganArt Paper & Party Supplies 58 Ireland
91 Quackingcards Paper & Party Supplies 58 Ireland
92 TravelTreasureCo Art & Collectibles 57 Ireland
93 CreativeKnotIE Weddings 56 Ireland
94 allpics Craft Supplies & Tools 56 Ireland
95 AppleoakFibreWorks Craft Supplies & Tools 56 Ireland
96 KateIrishTweedStore Home & Living 56 Ireland
97 GigTicket Craft Supplies & Tools 55 Ireland
98 VelvetandLinenHome Home & Living 55 Ireland
99 CastleknockDesigns Accessories 54 Ireland
100 BabiesRepublic Accessories 54 Ireland

Who are the top Etsy sellers in Ireland?

Highlighting the diverse marketplace of Etsy in Ireland, ClipArtCharmStore leads in the Craft Supplies & Tools category with impressive monthly sales of 1,340, followed by DexPixel in Art & Collectibles, and PsychicAliceLove in Home & Living. These top shops underscore the dynamic nature of the Irish Etsy market, illustrating the wide array of interests and demands among buyers. By examining the variety of successful shops and their offerings, both aspiring and existing sellers can gain valuable insights into what makes an Etsy shop thrive in Ireland.

The common trend among Etsy top sellers in Ireland

A close analysis of Ireland's top Etsy sellers reveals a strong demand for unique, high-quality craft supplies, personalized art, and home decor. This trend highlights the importance of niche targeting and product differentiation in capturing the attention of consumers. Moreover, the popularity of items related to weddings and personalized party supplies suggests a significant market for bespoke and custom-made products. For sellers, these insights can guide product development and marketing strategies to meet the specific needs and preferences of Irish consumers and beyond.

Analysis of Etsy top 100 sellers in Ireland

The standout success of shops like ClipArtCharmStore, DexPixel, and PsychicAliceLove reflects the broad appeal of creative, personalized, and bespoke products among Etsy shoppers in Ireland. Their achievements across diverse categories from crafts to art and home decor, offer a blueprint for success on the platform. For sellers aiming to carve out a space in the Irish market, focusing on unique value propositions, high-quality craftsmanship, and catering to specific customer interests could provide a competitive edge. Additionally, the range of successful categories highlights opportunities for niche markets and encourages sellers to explore unique product offerings.

So what do top sellers on Etsy in Ireland have in common?

The top Etsy sellers in Ireland share a commitment to quality, creativity, and understanding their target market. Whether offering craft supplies, custom art, or unique home goods, these sellers have honed in on specific niches, delivering products that meet the unique desires and needs of their customers. This approach not only sets them apart in a crowded marketplace but also builds a loyal customer base. For aspiring and current Etsy sellers, these commonalities underscore the importance of market research, product quality, and customer engagement in building a successful online shop.

Etsy's global marketplace provides Irish sellers with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their products to a worldwide audience, and the diversity and success of Ireland's top sellers highlight the global appeal of Irish creativity and craftsmanship. By leveraging the insights provided by this list, Etsy sellers can enhance their strategies to effectively reach and engage their target audience, expand their product lines, and achieve significant success on the platform.

Bookmark the Etsy's top sellers list in Ireland

Regularly checking this list of top Etsy sellers in Ireland is a smart strategy for anyone looking to remain competitive and innovative in the marketplace. It offers a snapshot of current trends and successful products, helping sellers adapt their offerings based on successful trends and emerging demands. Bookmarking this page ensures easy access to up-to-date information that can inform product development, marketing strategies, and overall business planning, helping sellers navigate the Etsy marketplace more effectively.

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