Top etsy sellers in Jordan

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Updated Date: February 29, 2024
RankShop NameCategoryMonthly SalesCountry
1 AwesomeSvg123 Craft Supplies & Tools 437 Jordan
2 CraftooShop Clothing 408 Jordan
3 AlKhazneh Craft Supplies & Tools 391 Jordan
4 rosepetalsjo Clothing 126 Jordan
5 MoonByAlRiyahi Accessories 58 Jordan
6 spiceer Bath & Beauty 43 Jordan
7 AbuMariamJewels Jewelry 43 Jordan
8 Sawaco63 Craft Supplies & Tools 40 Jordan
9 MsshopCo Home & Living 38 Jordan
10 JaffaPirateRadio Clothing 30 Jordan
11 OMAREmbroidery Clothing 18 Jordan
12 ZeeyaShop Clothing 18 Jordan
13 LayanEmbro Clothing 18 Jordan
14 SaruFashion Craft Supplies & Tools 17 Jordan
15 WiamsCraftsStore Craft Supplies & Tools 5 Jordan
16 EzmeelJO Home & Living 5 Jordan
17 Sanasel Jewelry 3 Jordan
18 lanalix Art & Collectibles 2 Jordan
19 HumanTheGrey Art & Collectibles 2 Jordan
20 AbayaDress Clothing 1 Jordan
21 CoastersandmoreJO Accessories 1 Jordan
22 TalarLifestyle Paper & Party Supplies 1 Jordan

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